January 23, 2008

The Miracle Is Existence

[7 min] Prem Rawat talks about the miracle of life. “The most beautiful miracle is: from nowhere comes this breath and brings the gift of life to you. This is your story. One breath at a time. That’s your beat. That’s your rhythm. Do you understand what a miracle this is?"


January 16, 2008

The Promises You Made

Prem Rawat talks about the wants we have had since we were children and the promises we made to ourselves to fulfill them. “Have you kept them?” he asks. “Look within you for the thirst,” he says, “because it is the thirst that will lead you to water. Understand what you have been given because it is magnificent.”

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What Reality?

Prem Rawat talks about the reality that comes with being alive: “This is the only reality, the only kind of reality that allows you to be rich and to be poor. Allows you to shed a few tears and to crack a smile. Allows you to dance and to sit still. Allows you to call others your own. Allows you to be an uncle, a mother, a dad, an aunt. Because without that reality, none of this is possible.”

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