December 24, 2008

Because You Are Alive

[6 min] “Each one of you, because you are alive, will make a voyage. What will this voyage be like? Who are you? What is the purpose of this voyage ? Why does it have to be made?” These are some of the questions asked by Prem Rawat in this excerpt.


December 17, 2008

Play It With Passion

[8 min] “The human being is an incredibly sensitive, experiencing instrument,” says Prem Rawat. “Place in it the truth that resides in you, and it will sing out with ecstasy. Play it with the passion it deserves, and you will hear sounds you have been yearning to hear all your life.”


December 3, 2008

Its About You And Me

[4 min] Prem Rawat talks about the journey of life. “It’s about this life, this existence—not an idea, not a theory, not rules, not some printed pages, but about you and me. The most incredible thing is taking place: you are alive … your existence, your being on the face of this earth.”