December 1, 2010

It’s About You and Me

[4 min] Prem Rawat talks about the journey of life. “It’s about this life, this existence—not an idea, not a theory, not rules, not some printed pages, but about you and me. The most incredible thing is taking place: you are alive … your existence, your being on the face of this earth.”


Do Something Different

[2 min] “Do something different: instead of looking on the outside, look on the inside, because on the inside you will find your answer. I'm talking about heaven, here, now.”


Life is Afoot

[2 min] “You can be confused in this world, or you can be in peace. Pick one,” Prem Rawat says. “Is there something inside of you that is favoring peace? Because if there is, then congratulations: you are a human being. You have just reached, and felt, your most fundamental want.”


You are Alive

[3 min] “To understand things through calamity is obvious. But to understand things without calamity is wisdom,” Prem Rawat says. “Understand what this breath, what this moment, what this existence means to you whilst you're alive. Understanding it just before you die is going to happen, but that's not wisdom.”


You Are the Angel

[2 min] “Who are we waiting for? We look up to the sky, waiting for the angel to come down and fix all of our problems,” Prem Rawat says. “You are the angel that can fix your problems.”


June 18, 2010

Feeling the Need for Peace

[4 min] Prem Rawat talks about a peace that has nothing to do with religion, geographical boundaries, ideas, or wishes. Rather, he says, there is an aspiration for peace that is universal. “And the resources of the joy, the peace that you are looking for,” he says, “exists with you.”